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What our Guests Have to Say …

All three of our kids made it through Netherworld in Atlanta without a problem but by the third room at Haunted Montrose, we had to take them out! We’ll be back next weekend without the kids! ~ Jackson F.

I’m not scared! I’m just laying on the floor. ~ Guest less than 2 minutes after entering Haunted Montrose

I’ve been to Haunted Montrose twice already and will be back again next weekend! ~ Tabatha S.

I’ve attended two different haunts in Salem, Massachusetts and Haunted Montrose is better than both! ~ Leta E.

We’ve been to Netherworld and like Haunted Montrose better. ~ Chris M.

Our Halloween tradition is to attend all of the haunts in middle Georgia. Haunted Montrose is, by far, THE BEST! It beats Netherworld in Atlanta, Underworld in Macon and everything in between! ~ Fred S.

Loved it!! You guys did an awesome job with making it! 🙂 ~ Taylor H. I went! SO MUCH FUN!!! LOVE IT! ~ Melissa E.

I thought I was a man but that scared the sh*t out of me! ~ Name withheld Best haunted house ever! 🙂 ~ Tyler R.

It was AWESOME! We drove over from Vidalia and it was well worth it. The thought and effort that you guys put into it was very much appreciated! ~ Lisa W.

It was lots of fun! I went twice – both times were awesome! ~ Morgan S.

One word … AWESOME! We had a blast last night! Very professional and the indoor movie playing for the little ones was a great idea because my son chickened out at the last minute and that was a saving grace to have somewhere safe for him to sit and wait on us. Keep up the great job you all are doing. Your hard work and effort is really showing in every detail. Will probably be there again next weekend. ~ Christy B.

We had an absolutely great time … soooo much fun! ~ Andrae S.

Man-o-man!! This is the BEST! I am 41 years old and I was so scared – like a 4 year old little kid! I am gathering up all my friends. We will be coming back again! THANK YOU SO MUCH! ~ Larry W.

It is great! Had so much fun last night!! ~ Sasha E.

I went to Phobia at Wild Adventures. This is so much better! ~ Kelly C.

Had a blast tonight! Best haunted house I have been to in a long time. ~ Constance G. The kids loved it. By kids, I mean Jeff (he’s 47!). ~ Jennie F.

Ha Ha ~ You totally scared me in line! LOL! Definitely worth the time and money!!! ~ Stacia O.

Just went yesterday. It was scary!! I am scarred for life! ~ Rachel C. It is SOOO good! ~ Amanda B.

It was great! One, if not, the best I’ve seen. I need to go again so I can take a right … as I chose left … hate to miss anything. LMAO. ~ Kim R.

Y’all are the bomb!! It was awesome! ~ Melissa B.

I was there Friday night! Haunted Montrose ROCKS! Great special effects and the lighting was professionally done. Plus the greeting mortician was a blast! ~ Bonnie P.

Went on Saturday night and had a BLAST! ~ Staci T.

SO MUCH FUN – LOVED IT!!! I will be back this weekend. ~ Jamie B.

Went Saturday. It was cool. ~ Hobie E. We love Haunted Montrose! ~ Heather S.

I worked at Wild Adventures and can’t believe you have this quality of haunt in Montrose! ~ Amy S.

Haunted Montrose is the best haunted house in GA! ~ Leigh C.

We had so much fun that we went through it twice and are bringing more friends next weekend! ~ Josh D.

It was super fun but really scary … my boyfriend’s mom peed in her pants! LOL 🙂 Great Job! ~ Raychul A.

Had a great time! Thanks for the scare!! ~ Joey S.

Last night was the bomb! Scared the daylights out of us!! ~ Angela D.

This place is the best. Everyone needs to go! ~ Jeromy D.

I went last night too and it was GREAT!! ~ Jordan M.

My hubby and I went last weekend and loved it! ~ Melinda R.

You guys are AWESOME! I was terrified! ~ Angie D.

I went last night and it was awesome!! ~ River W.

It was worth the drive! ~ Andrea D.

It really will give you the scare you have been waiting for! ~ Maria C.

It’s good. Worth the wait and the money. ~ James B.

I love it! It was worth the long wait. I even gave pigman a hug =) ~ Ellen

I went and it was so frikin’ scary! ~ Aubrey D. GREAT JOB!! Loved it! ~ Bethany R.

Awesome haunted house! ~ Deanna K. 

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